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Appoints nominating committee to fill Board vacancies as needed.
  1. Provide leadership and direction for the CITGO Alumni Group.
  2. Schedule and chair ten Board Meetings per year. This includes:.
    1. Reserving a meeting place
    2. Notifying the Board Members
    3. Creating and distributing an agenda prior to the meeting
    4. Leading the meeting
    5. Following up on action items as needed prior to the next meeting
    6. July and December are the two months the Board does not meet.
  3. Lead three membership meetings during the year. Usually the Spring, Fall, and Christmas meetings. This includes:
    1. Creating an agenda
    2. Being the MC for the event
    3. Being involved in the final approval of any contracts to be signed for the venue
      or other services.
  4. Respond to member requests and inquiries.
  5. Correspond and coordinate with members of CITGO corporate for updates on company performance, benefits, new programs for retirees, presentations, etc.
  6. Appoints ad hoc teams to investigate opportunities and make recommendations to the Board.
  7. Appoints nominating committee to fill Board vacancies as needed.
  8. Support teams or other members of the Board as needed via calls and meetings.
Vice President
  1. Fill-in for the President to chair or lead Board or Membership meetings.
  2. CITGO AlumniCONNECTIONS Newsletter - Identify content, organize, review, and publish the newsletter.
    1. Prepare and publish three newsletters annually. Usually after the Spring Luncheon, the Fall Luncheon, and the Christmas Gathering.
    2. Coordinate with the Newsletter Publication Chair for assistance, content, review, and publication.
    3. Content includes event pictures and recaps, member personal profiles, special interest articles, upcoming event notifications, new members, in memoriam, etc.
    4. Recruit an alumni member to submit a personal profile. Provide them with a copy of the profile guidelines to help them write about what they have been doing since leaving CITGO. Topics include hobbies, travel, taking care of family, grandkids, consulting, volunteering, special interests, etc.
    5. Recruit someone to write up a summary of the main event for each newsletter and someone to take pictures at each event.
    6. Send pictures to Karen Robert, the third-party newsletter publisher who designs and develops the newsletter. Karen will send back thumbnail pictures for review to identify individuals in each picture. Get help from other Board members to complete this task.
    7. Collect all names since the last newsletter for the In-Memoriam section from from the Treasurer.
    8. Collect all new member names since the last Newsletter from the Treasurer of Membership Chair.
    9. Determine if there are any other events that have occurred such as MDA Bowling, Tours, Food Bank, etc. Have the Events Chair for the event submit a write-up of the event and include any pictures they have for the newsletter.
    10. Send content to Karen Robert. Karen will organize and provide a draft layout of the newsletter for review and approval.
    11. Proofread the newsletter draft and send final copy to Newsletter Publications Chair, President, and any other member of the Board for “second set of eyes” review and final approval.
    12. Send approved final copy to Communications Chair for publication to the membership via email and to the Webmaster for posting on the CAG website.
  3. Transition to President for the next term.
  1. Maintain Master Membership list that includes address, email, telephone, dues payments, and a spreadsheet of purged members as needed (ex. death, withdrawal, inactivity).
  2. When adding a new member, send name and email contact information to the Membership Officer so they can send a welcome email or letter.
  3. Send email addresses (new and updated) to the Communications and Webmaster Officers.
  4. Send renewal notices to members who have not paid dues after emails have been sent to the entire membership a few times. In 2020, we set the cut-off date as 7-1-2020.
  5. Pay expenses and maintain backup documentation for expenditures.
  6. Monitor debit card expenditures and provide card number for authorized one time and reoccurring expenses.
  7. Balance checkbook monthly.
  8. Send monthly Treasurer’s Report to the Board prior to monthly meeting.
  9. Make deposits to bank: dues, meetings and maintain backup documentation.
  10. Provide income/expense summary for events to event Chairperson.
  11. Meetings – reconcile paid lunches/dinners with RSVP list from event chair.
  12. Collect dues and fees at events. Make sure if you are given cash you keep record of who paid in cash.
  13. Send annual honorarium check in December to the third-party newsletter publisher.
  14. Annual report for membership summarizing income/expenses by category.
  15. Maintain multi-year payments on dues and advise those that have paid for the next year prior to January 1st.
  1. Take minutes at all CAG Board Meetings.
  2. Transcribe minutes and distribute to Board members for approval.
  3. Keep on file the bylaws, minutes, and any other Board information.
  1. Request retiree list from CITGO HR contact (currently Nancy Hillyard) 2-3 times per year.
  2. Send letter inviting all Oklahoma retirees and selected retirees known to current members to join CAG.  Letter includes information on meetings and directory.
  3. Send welcome email or letter (if no email address) to new members with information on how to access the member directory.
  4. Purchase stamps and envelopes as needed.
Community Relations & Activities
  1. Plan, coordinate, and implement a variety of CAG group activities to enhance positive relationships with fellow CAG members. These activities include field trips, bus tours, sporting events, and educational outings.
  2. Coordinate community-based activities to enable CAG members to give back to their community, encourage volunteer participation, and support fundraising opportunities.
  3. Prepare articles for the CAG AlumniConnections Newsletter that pertain to CAG group and community- based activities.
Newsletter Publication
  1. Liaison between CITGO Alumni Group and third-party Newsletter publisher.
  2. Assist Vice President with the content, organization, review, and publication of the Newsletter.
  3. Prepare articles for the CAG AlumniConnections Newsletter that pertain to CAG group and community- based activities.
Events Coordinator
  1. Coordinate annual social events. Typically, a spring (April) and fall (September) luncheon and a Christmas (December) dinner.
  2. Assemble teams to assist with event planning and logistics
  3. Event planning and execution includes:
    1. Contact restaurants, hotels, or other locations to schedule event date and times including social hour, meal, business meeting, and speaker.
    2. Review and execute contract where required, generally only hotels require
    3. Arrange payments for room and food with treasurer according to contract schedule.
    4. Provide final guest count to vendor by their deadline.
    5. Create “save the date” invitations for members including rsvp information and cost when available, give to Communications Officer to distribute emails to membership.
    6. Track responses for an accurate attendance count to give to vendor for meal preparation.
    7. Provide nametags: CITGO logo for luncheons, Christmas-themed nametags for Christmas dinner.
  4. Address venue logistics:
    1. room size and layout needed to include:
      1. table for nametags
      2. position and number of buffet tables, bars
      3. podium and/or stage if required
    2. audio visual equipment available for speaker: microphones, screens, computer connections.
    3. table seating, typically tables of 8 or 10
    4. d├ęcor: table/napkin color, centerpieces.
    5. background music when desired.
    6. menu selection: buffet or plated.
    7. help source entertainment if entertainment requested by Board.
    8. door prizes at Christmas dinner (gift cards, small gift items, wine, etc.).
  5. General even information:
    1. Spring Luncheon: historically has been a business meeting to elect officers held at a restaurant (Ti Amos) and sponsored by Energy One. A guest speaker is included. Energy One selects the menu and pays for the luncheon. This job serves as liaison between Energy One and the restaurant.
    2. Fall Luncheon: typically, short business meeting with a guest speaker on a topic of interest.
    3. Christmas Dinner: emphasis on socializing, held at a hotel ballroom..
  1. Maintain the membership email address list, based on the official membership spreadsheet provided by the Treasurer.
  2. Send emails to the membership, such as event announcements, obituary notices, and the CAG Newsletters.
  3. Maintain the website email directory which is available for member access.
  4. Monitor the member email account, . Respond to emails or forward to other Board members for review and response.
  1. Maintain CITGO website:.
    1. Make updates to the website as needed for both the Tulsa & Lake Charles retiree groups:
      1. Tulsa updates:
        1. Post updates for scheduled Alumni Group meetings, such as for the annual Spring & Fall Luncheons and annual Christmas Dinner
        2. Post information concerning current volunteer activities involving the Alumni Group
        3. Post updates for maintaining current CITGO Benefits Forms and Documents, Matching Gifts, etc.
        4. Maintain Tulsa In Memoriam page for CITGO retiree obituaries
        5. Post latest CITGO AlumniConnections Newsletter to the Newsletter page
        6. Post any other relevant Tulsa-based information as deemed necessary by the Tulsa Alumni Group Board
      2. Lake Charles Updates
        1. Post updates for scheduled Lake Charles Alumni Group meetings & activities, as required, such as for the Retiree Breakfast, Team CITGO & the Employees’ Club
        2. Post a link to the current “The Flagship” Newsletter, as available
        3. Maintain Lake Charles In Memoriam page for Lake Charles retiree obituaries
    2. Maintain the operational functioning of the website:
      1. Maintain the DotNetNuke (DNN) Content Management System running the website to the current version as required to keep the website
      2. Maintain adequate disk space for the website files (other than the database) as required as the website grows in size.
      3. Maintain adequate database space as required for proper functioning of the website.
    3. Add new functionality to the website as deemed desirable by the Alumni Group Board.
  2. Monitor the website Contact Us email account, . Respond to emails or forward to other Board members for review and response.
  1. Attend Board Meetings
  2. Volunteer for special teams and events
  3. Support Board Activities
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